honourebel's FIRM BELIEF, honourebel  Design & honourebel's IMPULSES


 honourebel’s FIRM  BELIEF


'Each  individual can make

a noticeable difference

to our environment.''  

 honourebel DESIGN:


hand-drawn | authentic |        drawing attention


 - Drawing ATTENTION ... - 


With its pictures, honourebel would like to emphasise the uniqueness found in nature and draw attention to the beautiful and fascinating world within our oceans. Furthermore, the goal is to bring environmental issues back into focus and motivate other people to take action, too.


Therefore, depending on the motif, our products often have one of honourebel’s IMPULSES printed on them, which draws attention to the topic environmental pollution. Furthermore, it subtly indicates that you share honourebel’s FIRM BELIEF and are contributing to the conservation of nature’s beauty and biodiversity, for yourself and future generations.

honourebel’s IMPULSES


waste sucks

protecting our ocean


no time to waste

protecting our ocean

honourebel  Motivation & Statement


Environment Pollution


One of the biggest pollution problems is (micro-) plastics in our oceans.


Millions of animals die painfully from ingested plastic particles through food intake and because of the destruction of their habitat.


Every year millions of tons of plastic materials find their way into the oceans. This not only affects marine life, but also our own, as we consume parts of these plastic particles via our food chain. The intake can hardly be avoided as microplastics e.g. from cosmetic products and synthetic fabrics pollute our groundwater that, inturn, contaminates most of our food sources directly or indirectly. Therefore, for our health’s sake, we cannot merely avoid strongly contaminated food, we must find long-term solutions. We need to rid the oceans of microplastics, reduce further spreading, and, most importantly, avoid new plastic production wherever we can. If everyone sticks to these principles, we can build a society in which plastic is less acceptable and financially less profitable. In addition, legislation should be reformed accordingly.

 honourebel STATEMENT:


''We are destroying the very

environment in which we continuously strive to improve our future.''

honourebel Responsibility &  Ecological Footprint

honourebel     BRAND STORE


honourebel SLOW FASHION is timeless, high-quality, eco-friendly and fair produced fashion that aims to make people happy, helps conserving the environment and supporting projects that protect biodiversity. We choose our business relationships carefully and have found great partners and suppliers who are on the same wavelength and therefore follow the ecological and ethical believes that we do.


When it comes to packaging and

postage, we look for eco-friendly solutions. The materials have been chosen with the utmost care, avoiding the waste of environmental resources, plastics

and unnecessary paper prints. 


We appreciate the good work that the women and men who produce our clothes do and therefore work with certified suppliers who make sure that their employees are treated with respect and fairness.


 Part of our sales revenue supports environment conservation projects.


We are constantly looking to strive for improvement whilst ensuring our high-quality standards and will optimise even more in the near future. We will keep you posted…

honourebel Responsibility DEEP DIVE


The textile finishing on our clothes and accessories is phthalate free and the clothes we use are either made out of

100% Cotton                         (organic)

or a Material Mix of

   85%  Cotton                        (organic)

   15% Polyester                    (recycled PET bottles) .

The accessories are made out of either

100% Cotton                         (recycled from newly woven yarn from production remnants)

or a Material Mix of

   80% Cotton                         (recycled from newly woven yarn from production remnants)

   20% Polyester                    (recycled PET bottles) Material Mix.


We believe that recycling PET bottles is a good start to sustainably conserve resources. For ecological reasons, we recommend the general use of a microplastics-filtering washing bag, e.g. GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag,for all your synthetic textiles. This ensures, that microplastics neither end up in domestic wastewater during washing nor in our nature. To optimise the ecological benefit of recycled products, we also recommend the use of a washing bag for those of our textiles, that partly contain polyester yarn from recycled PET bottles.

We’ve added this advice, according to product, to our care instruction

in our honourebel ONLINE BRAND STORE.



The production conditions of our suppliers are controlled, assessed and certified by a non-profit organisation and the results are made transparent in an independent annual report. The core labour standards that certified members commit to are:

- Employment is freely chosen.

- No exploitation of child labour.

- Safe and healthy working conditions.

- Legally binding employment relationship.

- No discrimination in employment.

- Payment of a living wage.

- Reasonable hours of work.

- Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.